When in Class, Please Hold the Gas

Check out this funny story about Mike Myers getting kicked out of yoga class.

Shrek star Mike Myers was kicked out of his favorite Los Angeles yoga class because he couldn’t contain himself when a mat neighbor kept farting. The funnyman admits he couldn’t concentrate and every time his gassy pal let rip, he started giggling.

The comic explains, “This guy kept farting and I am not very mature… I’m the youngest of three boys and if somebody farts, it’s funny. They were like, ‘We’re not here to laugh..’ but then he did it a second time, louder, and did it a third time and it sounded like a machine gun and I could not stop laughing.”

Myers was floored when the farter then turned to him and said, “I had a bad Chinese.”

Can you really kick Mike Myers out of class?

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  1. says

    Ok, I have to say I’m with Mike…it IS funny…I just do my laughing on the inside :) We had a fellow last night that apparently ate the same “bad” Chinese food. Can someone please get me the name of that restaurant? I want to avoid it…

  2. kbunsey says

    Farting noises will ALWAYS be funny! Boo hoo on them, “We’re not here to laugh” – lighten up! Laughter is good for the soul.

    I’ve gone home from a couple yoga classes and immediately reported to my husband about the gal across the room who kept ripping ’em and how I almost burst out laughing! Good thing the room was dark b/c I was making giggley, smiley faces behind my head to knee pose.

    Perhaps the farty yogi could have stepped out for a minute or the teacher could have used it as a teachable moment on yoga postures and digestion or yogic eating.

    I can’t wait for Myers skit to come out about it. :-)


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