10 Simple Questions to Ask Before Buying a Yoga Mat

Looking for a new yoga mat?

Here are 10 short and simple questions to ask yourself…

  1. How much do I want to spend?
  2. Do I really need a new yoga mat?
  3. How thick of a mat do I want?
  4. Do I really need a new yoga mat?
  5. How much do I sweat?
  6. Do I really need a new yoga mat?
  7. Will I have to carry it a lot?
  8. Do I really need a new yoga mat?
  9. How important are health and environmental concerns to me?
  10. Do I really need a new yoga mat?

I love yoga mats…so I ask these questions a lot…

[UPDATE 3 Feb 12: Just added a new mat to the collection–Lululemon’s “The Mat“–lovin’ it!…
…I told you I have a problem:)]

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Thanks for saying hi! I'm using "The Mat" exclusively right now and have to agree that it's a great yoga mat. It has a little bit different feeling than the Manduka mats I'm used to, but the difference isn't a bad thing. Good padding, good stickiness even when wet, and it's reversible--so you have two surfaces to work with. I just brought it with me on a trip I'm on and it fit perfectly in my suitcase. I need to practice on it a little more before a final verdict, but so far I'm impressed.


Nice! I like your playful emphasis on "do I really need a new yoga mat?". A question I asked a lot until I accepted that my seemingly young 3 month-old gaiam mat just wasn't cutting it anymore. Little chunks from the mat were piling onto the floor around me after every class. I felt like I should have been cleaning up after my embarrassing mess. Just splurged on a Manduka and hoping to not have to replace it for a while. :)


@Linds--Glad you found a Manduka! I'm a huge fan and you definitely won't have to worry about it falling apart...gotta love a lifetime guarantee :)