DCOY Giveaway: Core of the Yoga Sutras by B.K.S. Iyengar


After an illustrious lifetime of expounding yogic wisdom to the eager masses, it only seems fitting that B.K.S. Iyengar, the undisputed heavyweight champion of the modern-day yoga bible, turns his gaze toward yoga’s foundational philosophical text, the Yoga Sutras.  In Core of the Yoga Sutras, Mr. Iyengar provides unique commentary on Patanjali’s 196 aphorisms that only someone with his experience and authority can bring to the work.

B.K.S. Iyengar′s insight on the sutras show us how we can transform ourselves through the practice of yoga, gradually developing the mind, body and emotions, so we can become spiritually evolved…or something like that ;)  All jest aside, this is a wonderful introduction to the spiritual philosophy that is the foundation of yoga practice.

This week we’re excited to be giving away a copy of Core of the Yoga Sutras, courtesy of Harper Collins! 

To Enter: Each of us comes to yoga for a variety of reasons–for me, my back always hurt and I was tired of taking pills and yoga seemed like it would help.  At the end of the day, a lot of us practice yoga because it helps us with some aspect of our life.  So, to enter, just answer the following question: “Yoga helps __________.”  No right or wrong answers, and we’ll pick a winner at random sometime this week.  Good luck!

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic week!

[Valentine’s Day Update: Thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway this week! Obviously “yoga helps” in so many ways–the comments were a joy to read. Congrats to Alex as the lucky winner of a copy of Core of the Yoga Sutras!!]

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saagara--meditate with the world--see and do together

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  1. Yoga helps me unwind and deal with my “not PTSD”. (I say not because I refuse to go and talk to a shrink and be prescribed pills and yoga helps me!)

    • Amber Hagberg says:

      Yoga helps use find that place inside of use where we are all one. We dig through the layers, our karma, and find the divine.

  2. Yoga helps alleviate hip pain and tightness.

  3. Yoga helps me feel calm.

  4. Yoga helps me keep my mind and body at peace.

  5. Yoga helps me be kind to myself.

  6. Yoga has helped me improve my flexibility and balance which I have really noticed in my martial arts practice. It also relaxes and rejuvinates me when my body is fatigued or I am stressed.

  7. Yoga helps me feel better, inside and out.

  8. Yoga helps me escape my daily stresses and focus on my well being.

  9. Yoga helps me stay in recovery from my bulimia and anxiety disorder without meds.

  10. Pam Reading says:

    Be a nicer person

  11. Anyone be more aware of her body.

  12. yoga helps me prioritize my life.

  13. Yoga helps my arthritis in my hips and has helped me increase my body strength.

  14. Yoga helps me to feel happier and healthier.

  15. Stress and joint pain.

  16. Yoga helps me to be a better mom

  17. Yoga helps me deal with everything in life- good and bad. :)

  18. Yoga has helped me better understand who I am.

  19. Yoga helps me strengthen focus, take control over my body and breath, become self-aware and more feel my whole body.

  20. Yoga helps me focus on my body like I have never been able to…to look within myself, to enjoy each moment and be grateful for life’s simple pleasures.

  21. Yoga helpa me reach for the skies and holding my head high as my flexibility increases and I experience more bodily controle.

  22. Yoga calms my mind.

  23. Yoga helps me not to always want to be perfect. It helps me to find my feminine side and to let go the pressure.

  24. Daniel Endy says:

    Yoga helps me to be focused and quiet my mind and feel great!

  25. Dawn Whitehorn says:

    yoga helps realize potential.

  26. Danya O'Malley says:

    Yoga helps me feel better, be better, and see the world better.

  27. Yoga helps me prepare for childbirth.

  28. Yoga helps me control my feelings and diminish my anger

  29. Stephanie Wharam says:

    “Yoga helps me to be compassionate and mindful about life and others.”

  30. yoga helps with my arthritis and reminds me that I am human and humble!

  31. Madelyn Rodriguez says:

    Yoga helps me love from the inside out.

  32. Yoga helps me feel physically and mentally strong.

  33. Laurie Hull says:

    Yoga helps keep me centered and grounded.

  34. Laura Phelps says:

    Yoga helps me remember that the divine is everywhere around me, all the time.

  35. Yoga helps me feel better about myself.

  36. Yoga helps me enjoy the present, which clears my mind leading to a positive outlook. Yoga helps me concentrate without distraction.

  37. Jackie Fitz says:

    Yoga helps me find ME :-)

  38. Yoga helps me remain humble, grateful and respectful

  39. Yoga helps my body feel awake and ready for the day!

  40. Yoga helps me brign my health back and feel inner peace.

  41. Yoga helps me feel better about my life.

  42. Yoga helps me see with greater clarity what’s really going in with me–physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

  43. Yoga helped me find myself after a trap-door divorce with a one year old at home. I could practice with her laying beside be or crawling under me. I found myself, my way of life, and my life calling on the mat. Now I teach those same skill to children so they can learn to care for their physical and emotional health.

  44. Yoga helps me to live.

  45. Yoga helps me feel less anxious

  46. robin shuff says:

    yoga has helped me rise above a very difficult family crisis. The peace of the practice time has been a lifesaver!

  47. Yoga helps me create the me I want to be: balanced, centered, humble, gracious.

  48. Morgan Eisinberg says:

    Yoga helps me become present in my mind and body by creating space for breath

  49. Yoga helps me accept myself.

  50. Yoga helps me communicate with my body and my self. It is a practice of me having an active conversation with every bit of me.

  51. Yoga helps me to stay grounded while everything else seems to be in motion.

  52. Yoga helps me to stop judging myself

  53. Yoga helps me be whole

  54. Jennifer Blair says:

    Yoga helps me trust my gut, stay grounded, practice compassion, and touch my toes. :)

  55. Yoga helps me breathe into every situation, difficult or beautiful, and to enjoy it more!

  56. Deborah Ross says:

    Yoga helps me relax and calm down, which in turn helps my stomach.

  57. Yoga helps me to have a comfortable and relaxed body.

  58. Yoga helps me feel like myself and forget about the stress of the day.

  59. Yoga helps me to stay grounded and centered.

  60. Yoga helps me remember who I am.

  61. Yoga helps me get out of my own way.

  62. yoga helps me breathe

  63. Yoga helps me feel strong, both physically and spiritually.

  64. Yoga helps remind me that it is ok to not always have all the answers but instead listen to my higher voice.

  65. Yoga helps me to be mindful and in touch with my inner self.

  66. Yoga helps my body, my mind, my emotions and my spirit!

  67. Yoga helps to restore life.

  68. Yoga helps me love my body the way it is.

  69. Yoga helps my neck pain…and helps me connect with my inner self.

  70. Christy Gillmore says:

    Yoga helps me not worry.

  71. Through balancing my body, Yoga balances my life

  72. Sally Dabrowski says:

    yoga helps me be mindful of the words and actions i put into the world as i go about my daily life

  73. Yoga helps me ground my unfocused mind (Vata Dosha!) and with that I can focus on what matters.

  74. Yoga helps me stay present.

  75. Yoga helps me… get out of my head. As an active duty military member yoga is counter-intuitive to how we are trained. My career and home life have been greatly impacted by this practice.

  76. Yoga has been an absolute saviour for controlling and dealing with acute panic attacks

  77. Yoga helps everyone feel better.

  78. Yoga helps me love myself and those around me

  79. Yoga helps me bring focus and awareness to the day. It also makes everything taste and feel better!

  80. Yoga helps me stay grounded throughout my day to be able to be patient and energetic with 14 3year olds for 8 hours. I also have shared some breathing and relaxation techniques with them to help them become aware of their emotions and how to better handle their anger and frustration feelings. It is great to see a 3 year old begin to deep breath and put their arms over their head during a conflict on the rug.

  81. Yoga helps me feel my own strength and energy.

  82. Yoga helps me be. :)

  83. Alex Cosgrove says:

    Yoga helps my migraines!

  84. Yoga helps me feel humbled and empowered.

  85. Yoga helps me be a better Mother,friend, wife and overall better person.

  86. Yoga helps bring mental clarity and focus!

  87. Yoga helps me find truth from within.

  88. Yoga makes me complete.

  89. Yoga helps full stop

  90. Yoga helps me find the calm in my life.

  91. Yoga helps me actively engage in life!

  92. Yoga helps me stay in my present-moment and brings me so much calm.

  93. Jeanette w. says:

    To me, yoga is freedom. Freedom to express oneself. Freedom from any pain or illness one may suffer. Freedom from the chaos and burdens that our day to day life places upon us and to learn to accept these things. Freedom to enjoy that exact moment. And Freedom to release all negativity from the mind and to just be.

  94. yoga helps my mind

  95. Yoga helps me remember who I want to be.

  96. Yoga helps me be human.

  97. Gemma Catterall says:

    Yoga helps me to connect mind, body and soul.

  98. Yoga helps me find my purpose, connect to my true self, increases my emotional intelligence and brings me to a place of stillness, where my life is all about none else but me.

  99. Yoga helps me to increase my flexibility and unwind at the end of the day.

  100. Yoga helps me to be mindful to my all-around health and strength.

  101. Yoga helps tremendously.

  102. Yoga helps me see things in a new light…I no longer react to things the way I used to, I no longer hold onto the things I used to, I no longer treat people the way I used to. Yoga helped me save my own light. And Yoga helps me make my body a great place to live in.

  103. Yoga helps my focus.

  104. Yoga helps me to truly feel.

  105. Yoga helps me connect to my body and mind, and simply listen clearly to what they are telling me.

  106. Yoga helps me to balance my life.

  107. yoga helps me be a better person:)

  108. Yoga helps me value what I have right now in the present.

  109. Yoga helps me find peace and strength in difficult poses, both on and off the mat.

  110. Yoga helps me feel. I’m very good at brushing aside my feelings/problems/issues. Yoga helps me bring them to the surface and deal with them.

  111. Yoga helps me reconnect with my truest self.

  112. Yoga helps me be a better mother- it gives me the focus, strength, and stamina to care for my two preschoolers.

  113. Yoga helps me relive stress from the day.

  114. Yoga helps me break away from the demands of daily life and take back time for myself.

  115. Yoga helps me remember who I am.

  116. Yoga helps me find myself.

  117. yoga helps me be whole.

  118. chloecakes says:

    Yoga helps me exhale the air that i find difficult to let free

  119. Yoga helps me go inward and shine the light I find outward.

  120. Yoga helps me peel away the coat of armor I’ve created and find my heart.

  121. Molly Hitchen says:

    Yoga helps me be who I am. I don’t know why the real me was never visible before. But yoga has made me be able to be who I’ve always been, but never could express.

  122. Yoga helps place me back into my body; as opposed to the constant out of body experience I have about my life.

  123. Yoga helps me calm my mind, body and spirit, which is why I keep coming back to my mat. It is the only workout effectively helping my over active anxiety and OCD at the same time.

  124. Yoga helps me find inner peace and strengthen my body and soul.

  125. Yoga helps me to get through Nursing Anesthesia school and work!

  126. Yoga helps me cultivate gratitude… For the past 3 years, I have encountered so much tragic adversity (cancer, deaths, job loss, divorce, the list goes on)… Yet yoga is a gift & luxury. Even when I feel empty, I still feel gratitude for yoga, my yoga teachers/gurus, my ability to practice yoga, the stillness, the space, the yoga community. Etc etc.

  127. Yoga makes me happy, healthier and smarter I LOVE YOGA

  128. Elizabeth Moonlight says:

    Yoga helps me find peace in transforming the grief over the loss of my daughter into acceptance. Yoga is helping me to experience joy again. I am so grateful for my daily practice.

  129. Yoga helps me be a better balanced person (physically and mentally).

  130. Maria Alexandratos says:

    Yoga helps keep me humble… Nothing like crow pose to put you back in line. It’s a constant reminder that the journey is never ending, and the challenges are ever-changing. I’m thankful for that.

  131. Yoga helped me in so many ways. First it reduced stress and allowed me to lose 80 lb. I also found I could move better no joint pain no back problems. But most of all it helped me find my mental balance. Just a few min a day in am helps me be a better more rounded person when I start my day.

  132. stacey joseph says:

    Yoga helps me to stay in a heightened state of calmness for a good few days after my practice. It is amazing and facinating to me the difference I feel from a week with yoga vs a missed opportunity. Yoga where have you been all my life and I am so fortunate to discover your bounties!

  133. deb taylor says:

    Yoga helps me let go of stress that i’ve been holding onto for tooooo long! It helps me feel so good.

  134. Yoga helps me remember that everything is temporary and all things will pass.

  135. I love yoga because it helps me work on three vital aspects of me—my mental, physical, and spiritual health. It helps me love my body the way it is, improve my humbleness, calm my mind, and strengthen my body.

  136. happychilla says:

    Yoga helps me center myself before I go out into the stresses of my day.

  137. Bernadette Anderson says:

    You helps connect to my inner most being. I become one with myself on the mat. My daily practice helps the bliss deep withing me to release.

  138. Valentine’s Day Update: Thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway this week! Obviously “yoga helps” in so many ways–the comments were a joy to read–I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. Congrats to Alex as the lucky winner of a copy of Core of the Yoga Sutras!!

  139. Yoga helps. Period.

  140. domestic diva says:

    Yoga helps me to relax.

  141. Yoga helps me live a better life!

  142. Yoga change my life

  143. Yoga helps me to come back to my self and find the stillness and sky within

  144. Tina Travieso says:

    Yoga helps…everyone…

  145. Yoga helps me feel spacious, majestic and connected to my world.

  146. How about eating healthy fruits everyday. I would suggest you check out our hoa quả

  147. Yoga helps me stay rooted.

  148. yoga helps me express emotion

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