Lululemon’s Yoga for (SeaWheeze) Runners = Match Made in Heaven

I’ve always been a big believer that…

yoga + running = a match made in heaven.

This smooth 30 minute yoga practice, led by official lululemon SeaWheeze ambassador Kerri Kelly, is perfect for runners who need to get a little bendy after pounding the pavement.

mzl.uzxncxao.320x480-75I won’t be able to run SeaWheeze this year, but I was really impressed by lulu’s new SeaWheeze half-marathon training app for iOS. The SeaWheeze app [iTunes link] is

one part pocket sized personal trainer, one part DJ and one part Vancouver city guide. Beginner and intermediate training programs include cross training, yoga and running options designed to help you reach your running goals, regardless if you’re training for SeaWheeze or another half marathon. The app lets you track your training, share your progress and listen to incredible music to keep you motivated.

I don’t really need the Vancouver city guide (right now), but I can definitely use the personal training and DJ features. It would be an especially awesome tool if they eventually allowed users to select their own training start dates so it can be effectively used for other races. But, for what it is–the SeaWheeze Half-Marathon app–it does a pretty amazing job. Check out all the details on lululemon’s blog.

Happy running and stretchy yoga goodness, friends:)

Yoga is to Running as Yin is to Yang

Many of us who love both running and yoga know how important it is to balance both activities in our lives.  Not a simple thing to do since running and yoga require time and dedication to become proficient at either.  Even those who practice a fairly vigorous form of yoga have likely learned from experience that it’s a long climb back aerobically after those periods of time when they take a break from running.

I’m not sure you can ever have too much yoga, but too much running without enough yoga (or a good stretching routine) can create a lot of issues for those of us with the genetic predisposition of a two-by-four.  Instead of popping advil like candy after your next long run, why not take 20 minutes to balance out your running muscles with the following yoga sequence crafted by Callah at my yoga life:


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Yoga – The Perfect Running Companion

A few months ago I experimented with removing running from my exercise routine because I wanted to see how much flexibility I could gain by laying off the daily pavement pounding and sticking with a daily yoga practice. I have a propensity for inflexibility in the first place, but to my surprise, the lack of running really didn’t make that much of a difference in terms of increased flexibility.

However, when I decided it was time to get back out on the streets again, my lungs felt like they were going to collapse. It was at that moment, when the side-cramp and wheezing reached a critical zenith, that I realized I needed to balance out my yoga practice with aerobic exercise.

I still needed running.

While running has many benefits, it can also beat up on the body a little bit, which is why yoga complements it so well. Try some of these recommended stretches/poses from Runner’s World to stay loose and flexible after your next workout.

I also recommend checking out Yoga for Runners at Yoga Journal.