Lori Deschene on Authentic Connections In a Connected World – Wanderlust SPEAKEASY 2011

Tiny Buddha” founder, Lori Deschene, explores how social media can either help or hinder us in forming meaningful, authentic connections.

Lori Deschene is the founder of Tiny Buddha, a community blog that publishes tips and stories about letting go of pain and embracing happiness. In addition to sharing her own struggles and insights and encouraging others to do the same, she also offers daily wisdom quotes through @tinybuddha on Twitter and the Tiny Buddha Facebook page. In an increasingly disconnected, information-overloaded world, Tiny Buddha has emerged as a place for authentic connection—where everyone has the same authority to share what they’ve learned and how they apply it. With nearly 1 million views per month, Tiny Buddha is quickly growing into one of the most popular inspirational sites on the web.

You can discover more at http://tinybuddha.com/ and follow her at @tinybuddha.