Crowdfunding Meditation Across the World: See & Do Together Could Use a Little Spare Change

saagara--meditate with the world--see and do together

How cool would it be to meditate with millions of people across the world at the same time?  It would be totally awesome!

Well, we’re big fans of the mindfulness-based tech company, Saagara, which recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to aid in the development of a new meditation app that will hopefully stretch the limits of global meditation.  The new campaign platform, See & Do Together, will work in tandem with their upcoming app, Universal Meditation, to allow users to engage in group meditation without actually sharing a physical space. Saagara hopes to use this platform to attain one of their ultimate goals: one million people meditating in unison regardless of location.

Saagara’s goal is to raise $150,000 to fund the completion of this project and I’m sure they’d be happy for any spare change you can grub out of the couch to help the cause of bringing millions together in meditation.

Here’s a little video about the project:

If nothing else, you should check out the See & Do Together Facebook page for some inspiring meditation quotes and graphics.  These are a few of my favorites.

saagara--group meditation

saagara--look inside

saagara--still the mind


saagara--conquer the mind

If you’re interested in donating, I also found this video that lays out the awards for the different donation levels.

Have a great weekend and namaste!

Lululemon’s Yoga for (SeaWheeze) Runners = Match Made in Heaven

I’ve always been a big believer that…

yoga + running = a match made in heaven.

This smooth 30 minute yoga practice, led by official lululemon SeaWheeze ambassador Kerri Kelly, is perfect for runners who need to get a little bendy after pounding the pavement.

mzl.uzxncxao.320x480-75I won’t be able to run SeaWheeze this year, but I was really impressed by lulu’s new SeaWheeze half-marathon training app for iOS. The SeaWheeze app [iTunes link] is

one part pocket sized personal trainer, one part DJ and one part Vancouver city guide. Beginner and intermediate training programs include cross training, yoga and running options designed to help you reach your running goals, regardless if you’re training for SeaWheeze or another half marathon. The app lets you track your training, share your progress and listen to incredible music to keep you motivated.

I don’t really need the Vancouver city guide (right now), but I can definitely use the personal training and DJ features. It would be an especially awesome tool if they eventually allowed users to select their own training start dates so it can be effectively used for other races. But, for what it is–the SeaWheeze Half-Marathon app–it does a pretty amazing job. Check out all the details on lululemon’s blog.

Happy running and stretchy yoga goodness, friends:)

A rough week for Apple…LEGOs always help…

“Insanely great” would hardly describe how this past week unfolded for Apple’s stock price…

aapl   Google SearchWhile it won’t raise the price of your Apple shares, this LEGO re-creation of a 1984 Macintosh should warm your heart up a little bit.  LEGOs always cheer me up!

apple-legos, by powerpig on flickr

Don’t lose hope for Apple…look how far they’ve come!!

apple macintosh 1984


To Be More Mindful, Try Emptying the Mind

Shunryu Suzuki in Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind:

When you study Buddhism you should have a general house cleaning of your mind.

Despite a few classes in college on Buddhism, I am by no means an expert on Zen philosophy.  Inspired by the minimalist tradition, however, I occasionally have Zen-like moments and find myself thinking about meditation or cleaning off one of my many desks in hopes of discovering some sort of nirvanic bliss by the very act of hiding junk in drawers.  In a world crammed full of stuff and distracting gadgets, I imagine you, like me, understand the challenge of finding a little ‘space’ or emptiness in our minds or in our surroundings.

Perhaps you may find some inspiration from the following excerpt found in an article on Steve Jobs in which the author fuses the Japanese Zen concept of Ma with Steve Jobs’s minimalist design philosophy:

Apple products are as defined by what they’re missing as much as by what they contain.

Jobs’s immersion in Zen and passion for design almost certainly exposed him to the concept of ma, a central pillar of traditional Japanese aesthetics.

Like many idioms relating to the intimate aspects of how a culture sees the world, it’s nearly impossible to accurately explain — it’s variously translated as “void,” “space” or “interval” — but it essentially describes how emptiness interacts with form, and how absence shapes substance. If someone were to ask you what makes a ring a meaningful object — the circle of metal it consists of, or the emptiness that that metal encompasses? — and you were to respond “both,” you’ve gotten as close to ma as the clumsy instrument of English allows.

Much like the art of Zen Buddhist circles (ensō), sometimes it’s the missing elements that matter most.  Too many branches and we can’t see the forest.  Whether it’s your mind or your physical surroundings, each of us would do well to follow Shunryu Suzuki’s advice to undertake a general house cleaning and determine what should stay and what can go.

You must take everything out of your room and clean it thoroughly.  If it is necessary, you may bring everything back in again.  You may want many things, so one by one you can bring them back.  But if they are not necessary, there is no need to keep them.